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August 20th, 2007, 15:12
Originally Posted by Lucky Day View Post
Vista has no Killer App to convince anyone to switch. The most it has Dx10 and a promise that more and more software won't work w/ XP (one could argue for better 64 software support).
Then again, neither does every (or even most) OS X iterations -- yet Mac users seem happy enough to pay for those.

I'm not aware of all the features that Vista was promised to have that were scrapped but I remember it had a lot.
It did. My favorite was the database-based file system. In theory this is a brilliant idea, since it'll create a really good abstraction layer between the files and the substrate storing them. You'd get amazing searchability, flexible navigation of the file system, instant delete/restore, optimized caching and access, really good protection of the data integrity, and so on. But turned out too difficult to do while still keeping backward compatibility.

If I may go off on a bit of a tangent, I think that file systems on current desktop computers (all of 'em) are basically borked and bone-headed. Why the hell does the user even have to know how many disks there are in the box, what their capacities are, and on which disk does stuff reside? All they should see is a bar or a pie chart showing how much free space there is, and let the computer worry about where it's put. Need more space? Pop in another disk… or migrate it all to a bigger array using a simple GUI and a scratch disk.

Of course, the system would have to have built-in redundancy and "history", but this is all well-known territory -- base it on a RAID-5 array and never overwrite anything by default, just create new versions of stuff. (Some files would obviously have to be flagged as "temporary, overwrite me.")

There's no technical reason it couldn't be done now. Base it on a RAID array, put a very small kernel running a RDBMS on top of that, and put everything else in the RDBMS. The reason it's not being done is purely legacy. Shame, really.
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