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August 20th, 2007, 20:03
The Mac's killer app was, according to them, it's GUI interface. However, in 1984 the Mac bombed. It's real Killer App turned out to be the Laser printer (Adobe) and only then did the Mac start to sell. Later it dominated music recording. Unfortunately for them, both of these apps were superseded eventually by identical products on PCs.

Apple in fact deliberately abandoned the Apple ][ line for several reasons. One, it is always difficult to market too similar products. Two, it was command line based from day one and not GUI from the ground up. Three, it was 8 bit and not 16 bit and therefore already old technology. Four, it was Wozniak's baby and he was gone. The Mac was Jobs' baby. Five, the Apple ][ was marketed as an open system and was a hacker's delight. The Mac was a closed system and all apps had to be approved and licensed by Apple insuring they'd get a cut and they'd have complete control.

The Mac was way behind in terms of capabilities of what the Apple ][ and Amiga could do. The ][gs (16 bit) and Amiga were doing on RGB monitors what IBM clones had to wait years for on VGA+ monitors. Mac didn't have a colour monitor for years.

As Jobs was forced out 100% profit margin Pepsi CEO Scully kept the Mac out of the price range of the average user. The drop of the Apple ][ line alienated the home the user who by and large switched the IBM clones for its relatively open system and Amigas for it's better and more affordable capailities.

Apple started relying on its niche markets such as school systems and dropped to a 3% share. Its killer app GUI it was promoting was thrown out the Windows 95. It only had it's stability left by this time as even schools starting abandoning the product.

Today, of course, Apple's core product is the iPod. It can run fine on a Windows PC. Today I believe it's computer share its is less than 1%, down from a 50% share in 1982 (pre-Mac).

Sorry for the long rant but I'm just trying to say Apple is bad example. And i'm a disgruntled ex-Apple //c user.
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