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August 20th, 2007, 22:50
I downloaded the *demo* from a torrent site. I just couldn't wait.

I know its different thing we seek when playing game and i hold system shock 2 as one of my all time favourite game and judging by the demo, i am safe.

Seeing the mechanics in game is back, the coms, the diaries, the enhancment.

I was sceptic about the plasmids. Never like such things in a game, but now when i have tried them out - i can't wait for friday enough. Stupid europe. Please conquer us for a day dear US!

About performance @1280x1024 with most things turn on using my AMD 4400X2 with a 7800GTX(256MB) i can say it worked nicely. I will no doubt run it in 1024x768 once i get the game, if not the driver they are hyping has performance gain. The game was a little laggy. But it didn't detracht from the overall performance.

There is soo much in comparisson with SS2 that i infact started to think that they could try another approach, but - hey why fix a winning concept.

I hope Fallout 3 will use some of this graphic style - me just lay back and wait for friday with a big grin of my face.

Feel like i am reverting some decades to reliving those game from old.

Don't take my word for all of this. I just realized i am a fan boy.
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