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Default Can you believe it.

August 22nd, 2007, 17:15
It is a covert beg for more sumphole cash, not just a tax concession.

This is the true cringe factor about Australia. It's difficult to believe that anybody could be that big a pathetic communist bastard to suggest the public should pay a tax levy to pay failed game developers to produce lousy games that nobody buys.

There is no industry with lower startup costs than the software industry in general and in particular computer games have the lowest imaginable initial investments given the hefty and generous returns on a game that is even semi-playable.

If you smell a marxist rat here, your nose is working well.

Nobody should ever pay creative people to write games that are not worth funding as private ventures.

It may sound a little too personal … but there is no shame at all in being a failed game developer. If you have the tenacity to finish something you believe in and get it out there, you're to be commended irregardless if it doesn't sell well. Just finishing a game is honor enough in itself. On the other hand, there is probably nothing more vile than a failed communist game developer who thinks the public should keep paying him money like a sad academic klown to just indulge his whims knowing in advance no such game will ever appeal to anybody, including the idiot leeching the public purse.

Communists are sad people with sickly grins and nervous sweat on their foreheads desperately trying to shift responsibility for their sorry failures in life to others, including the financial costs of their stupid decisions. Milton Friedman was right about them - they know in advance they are going to fail in life and thus always appeal to the State to take others people money by force and give it to them. They know their market value as human beings is effectively zero and act accordingly.

I'll bet I know the guy who is pushing this initiative too. He's a cockroach with humanoid features who has been running one failed socialist fiasco after another on the Gold Coast for ten years now without ever turning a profit. His games don't even end up in the budget bin, even the budget bin has standards. They end up given away free on coverdisks because no one would ever buy them.

Some would say it is organized theft by the State. People who are not sociopaths. NMobody with any self respect would claim to be a game developer and demand subsidies to start up a game idea.

Cleve Blakemore



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