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August 23rd, 2007, 04:48
Originally Posted by txa1265 View Post
Also, the activation system is based around preventing people from installing on 12 machines at once. Is there a legit reason to install a game on more than 2 systems at the same time within a short time period?
Hi, txa1265. I'm not sure if you are asking a previous poster or myself, but I would say no. In fact their allowance of allowing two is pretty nice. I only need it on one system at one time. But that isn't my point.

I have two main problems with activation. The first (inability to manually deactivate, like with MS Windows), while my most vehement complaint, is not relevant here if the information is correct. If I can deactivate it before I install it on a new system, I'm content with this issue. Although they need to remain flexible because of things like crashed HDs where you cannot uninstall. But I assume they handle that gracefully. So no issue there with Bioshock.

The second, however (long-term installability), is a complication of nearly all activation schemes. Many people may not care about the latter issue, but I do. There are other arguments against me on this one, but none of them satisfy me.

Well there's a third issue with some, that of being able to loan a game to a friend as long as you uninstall it first, something I strongly believe should be allowed, but that's a complicated issue and is only possibly relevant to Bioshock (I haven't read the EULA) and not at all with the activation system.

As for the FOV thing, I wasn't making a big deal about it. But I do feel that all FP SP games need to make FOV user adjustable, even if only from a console. To me, it's as much a personal taste thing as is brightness or difficulty.
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