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August 23rd, 2007, 07:00
nope that is incorrect. I am reading reports of multiple installs on the same machine not working, including multiple operating systems.
Multiple installs on the same machine, across multiple operating systems is no different to installing on seperate physical machines. Having to uninstal from one machine if I want to format, or get a new computer or whatever will be a pain, but even if there is some kind of problem there, I have a second install to use.

2). If you don't have widescreen, then you're affected - The game was intended for widescreen & supposedly stretched to accommodate a "normal" screen.
That's not an issue at all. Ther game is not stretched for 4:3, they added extra FOV at the top and bottom.

3). I don't require SM 3.0, the game does & that's affecting a lot of people.
Um, what? Let me get this straight: your computer doesn't make the minimum requirements, and so it's IG's fault you can't play the game?

Do you have any understanding of what a 'Beta Test' is? The game does seem to have more annoying than usual copy-protection, but calling it a paid beta is just mindless hyperbole.
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