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August 23rd, 2007, 07:01
Originally Posted by Moriendor View Post
Well, if that hack removes all the shader 3.0 stuff then there's a good chance that people with a decent shader 2.0 card (like an X800/X850) won't have to turn down their settings all that much. A shader 3.0 card is not automatically superior. An X850XT is approximately twice as fast in 3D Mark06 (1280x1024) as a 7300GT (which is again a little faster than a 6200) when only shader 2.0 effects are used. I don't know what exactly that Bioshock SM2.0 hack removes but in theory, people with an X850 card will get a visually much richer experience than someone with a 6200 card simply because they can leave a lot of the non-SM3.0 dependent stuff on high.
True on that and I should have thought a bit more when I spoke. I wasn't buying video cards when Shader became a big deal and I only had to when Oblivion was invisible for me and I knew nwn2 wouldn't run.

However those are still older cards. The big issue I can forgive in people not willing to upgrade is the fact that they are all AGP or worse, PCI cards. It ould require a new motherboard to get a new PCIe video card and you might as get an improved processor that actually fits the Slot and the RAM that takes advantage of the speed increase (although that's getting cheaper). In other words, upgrading to a new card isn't just a new card issue again.

I'm running into the same problem.
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