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August 23rd, 2007, 06:14
just for clarity Ken Levine's apology this morning was specifically on the Widescreen issue

The subject tag was "A note from Ken on the widescreen concerns"

Not a big deal but I was incorrect when I emailed you Dhruin that is was on both issues.

I'm sure if he was aware of the other issue at the time though he would have included that too.

Nice doublespeak coming out of 2k though.

Elizabeth's comment clears up a technical misunderstanding but she's not getting to the root of the issue.

I agree with you guys ghun and txa to a point but this particular game is possibly the worst choice for SecureROM to introduce this new "feature".

The game has optimizations for Vista, the new, hardly used OS. People are trying out the game on their Vista machines to test out the Dx10 features.

Then they go back to their regular OS, put it on their laptop for work o-), then put it on their kid's computer because they'd prefer to let them screw their own machine up while you you screw yours up and its asking for trouble. Especially if Junior wants to check out how it runs on his Vista as well.

It begs the question is if this wonderful new sales saving added value (2 installs max) was one of the reasons there was no Multiplayer option.
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