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August 23rd, 2007, 21:20
I on the contrary only play 5-6 games a year and I like my games to have High
replayability since I love replaying my favorites (i.e the Gothics or vampire or
Arcanum etc). I also take my time when playing, to better savor the game
(and because my gaming time is pitifully small these last few years).

Making choises that cut you out from some of the available future options not
only enhances replayability but makes your actions in the game all that more
meaningfull and memorable (not counting out that it increases realim and

Arent we all griping around here for the lack of Consequences and actual impact of the player's actions on rpgs ? Does it mean just a different end video to
people, I wonder ?

Anyway let me add my wishes again that they get this right, not only because
this is about the only game I am looking forward to in the immediate future but
after reading (and loving) the Last Wish I am thinking that a success of the PC
game might help bring the Books to English audiences with more speed (sorry,
but reading is my main passtime).
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