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August 23rd, 2007, 21:44
Originally Posted by txa1265 View Post
I see what you're saying, but at the same time it makes you think more before you act. Truly 'role play'.
I agree, but that can be done by a save game abuser as well. When presented with an important branch, I will sometimes save, choose my personal real role playing branch, try all the others, then go my characters real branch. Or sometimes I'll wait till I finish the game to try alternate paths, if I'm immersed in the game and don't want to damage that. But really I only do these things to see the minor immediate changes. If I have to play more than 15 minutes on a "false" route, I just don't bother.

Replayability really means little to me in the short term. I _never_ want to replay a game until at least 5 years have passed. And then, I must admit, I do the same thing as magerette. I tell myself I'll play a different kind of character, but I always end up playing the style of character that I feel I'll enjoy role playing the most. The only time I ever actually play an evil character is when that's the only route in a game. If I'm given a choice, I always am a goodie goodie. Although it is that choice that makes being a goodie goodie meaningful. Games where you have to be the hero mean much less to me than those where I have to sacrifice for my choices. Because of this I completely disagree with the statement:
Most role playing games, if you give more money for one option and less money for another one, people won't think about what is actually right and wrong, they just go for bigger rewards
I chose the route that best fits my character. And if I diverge a little, I only do so if I can rationalize it within the role I'm playing. It bothers me a bit that they hold their players in such low regard. But that doesn't make them wrong.

However, I'll gladly take this over more draconian forms of anti-save-game-abuse, like the inability to save anywhere! Some exceptional games have been damaged by lack of save games. Call of Cthulhu-DCotE was like that. The authors made all these grand pretenses to how they are preventing gamers from ruining the experience. Well, that should be my choice. I find playing through the same annoying sequence over and over more of a jarring loss of immersion than a cheesy reload.

So while I agree with concerns over this choice in The Witcher, I guess I accept them knowing they could do much worse. I'll be interested to see how it works out. I probably can't form a really informed decision on whether I like this idea until I've played through the game.

(Yikes, sorry for the long post!)
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