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August 23rd, 2007, 21:57
Originally Posted by JonNik View Post
Making choises that cut you out from some of the available future options not
only enhances replayability but makes your actions in the game all that more
meaningfull and memorable (not counting out that it increases realim and
That's true but the concerns that people (including myself) are having with The Witcher is that the developers have said that there will be very subtle, non-obvious events that require you to make totally meaningless choices and later on you'll find out that it was in reality a very important event. I have nothing against "meaningful and memorable" options and actions as long as the consequences are at least somewhat immediate or foreseeable. But to have a really minor seeming choice at the 3-hour mark (clear the cellar of rats? yes/no) bite you majorly in the ass at the 37-hour mark (you went 'no' and the rats have eaten up all the corn reserves causing a famine and killing every NPC in the game = game over) would be… not so nice .
That's the concern. We are hoping that they got the balance right and that there won't be too many really small and simple choices that will screw you in the rear later on.
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