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August 23rd, 2007, 21:59
Originally Posted by Holly Avenger View Post
More worrying is that the latest version of securom copy protection that is used apparently installs a rootkit - one that cannot be removed totally from your system once in place.

And even better, if you installed the demo you've already got this lovely rootkit in place.
there is no proof to the rumour that it installs rootkit.

After the fiasco with it's previous rootkit on it's Audio CD's, Sony is attempting to be completely open on how all their DRM software works.

This SecureROM leaves software behind after installs which they advise can easily be removed. I wish people would quit accusing them of installing rootkits (previous history not considered) unless they have proof.

Sony is now in the position that Jack and the Box found themselves in after their food killed two people. (in their case they've now become the model for fast food safety.)

I doubt half the people who accuse them of installing a rootkit even knows how one works.
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