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August 23rd, 2007, 23:48
Originally Posted by Moriendor View Post
That's the concern. We are hoping that they got the balance right and that there won't be too many really small and simple choices that will screw you in the rear later on.
That is a valid concern I guess, especially for people that dont like to replay.

Personally if the reasoning (or cause effect relation) is not too lame and
immersion breaking I dont mind terribly. This would not harm realism i.e I think
(shit happens in rl and sometimes little details and a lot of bad luck make all the

The example they have given in an earlier presentation was either killing
or not a prisoner with bandit connections (bear in mind that I may remember
the details wrong but the gist of it is here). The cruel and inhuman choise
(executing the poor snivelling bastard) results of the bandits lacking information
to kill a fellow witcher that will provide some added muscle in the endgame. On
the other hand it will lead to the end of a female friend which could provide a
possibly romantic sidepart of the story.Not killing him would mean that your Witcher friend dies but your female friend lives.

So, a deeply moral choise for either added muscle or interesting sidestory with
perhaps roleplaying (and xp ?) possibilities in the trade of. I am ok with that
if they remain true to that example's philosophy (comes from an early video
preview possibly last years E3 with Madej narrating).
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