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Default Darn Non-Native Panel Resolutions!!

November 1st, 2006, 08:09
I bought a new PC a few weeks ago and decided to get a spiffy new flat panel display to go along with it. It's a WIDESCREEN ratio, mind you. I'm loving my beautiful new monitor. Things never looked so good before, and even old games like Gothic support resolution settings for widescreen.

But there are a few games out there, namely, any Need For Speed title, that do not offer any resolution greater than 1024X768! Now that's just stupid, I mean, how many people have widescreen now? Wait, let me answer that: A LOT! It's become more and more popular, and has been in Europe for quite some time.

The problem is that resolutions disproportionate to the panel shape (Non-native resolutions) are stretched to fit, and as a result look.. well… ugly - kind of like when your wife wears that horizontal striped dress… hee hee

My apologies to all the women roaming these forums! moving on…

Now I will concede that perhaps many widescreen users aren't as picky as I am, and I am much more tolerable when it comes to displaying things that don't really show the asymetrics. But I refuse to play a racing game that makes
a Volkswagon Golf look longer than most train boxcars, riding on egg-shaped wheels no less.

After abandoning NFS Most Wanted after getting my new monitor and being put off by the lack of widescreen support, I just downloaded the demo for NFS Carbon with much anticipation, hoping that it would display correctly. Guess what the highest resolution setting is? That's right: 1024X768!!

I've tried every setting I can think of to get my monitor to stop scaling to fit, with no success. The settings accessed from the actual display offer no help, and neither does the Catalyst Control Center for my Radeon X1300 Video card. There is an option whether or not to scale non-native res, but it doesn't seem to do anything.

And so once again, the streets of my city have become a little more dangerous now that my need for speed will only be quenched in real life. Don't worry, when the cops ask me to put my name on the infractions, I'll sign it "EA Games".
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