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Exclamation TDE strikes back!

August 24th, 2007, 20:09
You know what?
Think of that:

1.) dtp/Anaconda reviving the TDE universe for the PC with "Drakensang" soon.

2.) With dtp also signing Larian Studios and their "Divinity 2", the former co-developer of the official NLT-successor gets closer back to the TDE-universe than they had ever thought (or feared - remember "LMK"! ) including former "Shadows over Riva" graphics artist Marian.

3.) Spellbound winning the Gothic-Series for the next and fourth installement will put Jochen Hamma behind the steering wheel of the other big German RPG franchise after he had been already involved in all three titles of the first one, the "Northland"-Trilogy, for "Riva" even as Executive Producer back then. There might be also more former "Attics" in the team, who knows.

After all it looks as if the next wave of German RPGs will ride high on good old NLT legacy, which had for long been presumed dead.

One could also put this more poetically by adapting a well known popular phrase:
"The (TDE) Force is strong within the (German RPG) family."

Ragon, the TDE Mage

P.S.: 1.) and 2.) - what an in-house competition! *LOL*
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