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August 25th, 2007, 07:41
Originally Posted by elikal View Post
I havent yet bought Bioshock, but as System Shock fan I wanted to. Now I hear you can install it only 2 or 5 times, is that true?
It's limited to five times on different PCs (or operating systems) or if you run into a bug with the activation five times in a row (not very likely to say the least). On the same PC/hardware you can install and reinstall the game until you turn blue in the face or the DVD breaks .

I tend to replay games, and I want to play them again, even after many years, and if the game company doesnt exist then?
Aside from the extreme likelihood of cracks being available by then, it is not unusual for companies to remove any sort of copy protection with the final patch for a game some time (a year or so) after release. And that is exactly what 2K is planning on as well. They are going to release a patch at some point in the future that removes the activation limit. Ken Levine said so himself. Just check the official site.

It does make online requests to install, right? Well, what about ppl who dont have online, does the package say it needs online connection even for normal play?
The package says that an Internet connection is required to activate the game online. You only need to activate once. The game does not need a permanent connection to the Internet every time you play.

This is a bad step in a bad direction.
No, it isn't because pretty much every single one of your concerns = void .
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