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August 30th, 2007, 12:24
Originally Posted by GhanBuriGhan View Post
They were not univited guests. They were they as the invited representatives of the sites that sponsored them. They also happened to be NMA members, and last I checked Bethesda had not even blacklisted the site, and it is certainly no criminal organization. According to Pete in the Q&A they are even reading and "in contact with" NMA. Again: if some site with an invitation to an event decides for whatever reason to send a representative that is also an NMA member, who obviouly had no chance to misbehave at an earlier event yet, I simply see no problem. Its not like they gave wrong names, stole the tickets, or snuck in in black Ninja suits. Nor have the particular NMA members uttered any death threats against Devs afaik. TES forum members have several times been at Beth press events as representatives for one site or another, giving both enthusiastic and critical accounts. If Bethesda feels they need to change their system because of that, than they are the morons, and NMA is right about them.
If all of what you say is true then why didn't they explicitly go there as and for NMA, you know, proudly wearing NMA T-shirts, singing the NMA hymn, flipping their NMA V.I.P passes in everyone's face?
Obviously, Bethesda turned down one NMA member according to Brother None. So we'd have to assume that Bethesda did for some reason not want to invite someone from NMA.
If NMA members then turn around and sneak in behind Bethesda's back using a different site's credentials then that's just that… "sneaking in". Whichever way you put it or want to spin it.
Besides, if they were going for that other site then why did the article end up on NMA? And did Bethesda know of and approve of an article based on this event getting published on NMA? Is Pete Hines d'accord with a pic of him showing up on NMA? Would he have agreed to have his picture taken had he known where it was going to be posted? Would he have agreed to the interview and given these answers had he known where it would end up?

It's simply a matter of appropriate conduct and fairness to be open about your agenda and who you are and who you are reporting for (there is a reason that at professional press conference journalists are required to stand up, quote their full name and the publication they are reporting for before asking their question). Especially if you run around waving the "journalistic integrity" banner all over the place as Brother None does. Start with the man in the mirror… blahblahblah… is what I'm saying here .

So it would be like me going under the press pass of GamerDad and also gathering info for RPGWatch?
I think it's generally perfectly OK to go to these events for several sites. A lot of professional journalists who sell their articles to a variety of different magazines do just that. But if you are pretty much a "persona non grata" as one would have to assume for NMA members (since they were not invited and had one staff member turned down) and you then use a sort of "backdoor" method to get in regardless is where things might start to get complicated if Bethesda should choose to draw consequences from this event.
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