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August 30th, 2007, 15:42
So I still can't find anything very evil in this coup. Even less so because the resulting preview is detailed, factual, and fairer even in the commentary than I would have dared expect.
There is no coup. They stole some seats from a couple of 'journalists' and good on them. It's a little bad ass and for that a definite cheers. However, the article itself panders, which detracts heavily from what's honest to deem fair. In it's language, structure and tone it plays heavily and obviously. Not that there's anything wrong with that, it's the nature of an opinion piece and the more daring you are to explicitly state that leads at times to a more sensational read. Again, that can be aces… Zero Punctuation.

When the language runs to places such as "poor man's" from what amounted to all of thirty seconds screen time or references to the combat using limited terms like "just rtwp" it falls into the same catergory as Yahtzee's piece. He does it well. This reads like two guys at their very first 'media event'… I hate that term, it's infotainment at best… seriously, it's video games don't expect Globe and Mail type journalism. Demand better but don't expect an expository into gradations of fun. Anyways, reads like probably one of the first times they've seen a crappy alpha build demo (they're always crap, even when they're well done a certain rough and ugliness is just par for the course) at an event such as this and by all means possibly wanted to get a gaming woodie from what they were going to be shown. I don't think anyone is so stalwart as to not be honestly swayed. However, this piece meanders and it panders without the pudding and Belgium jokes while falling into stereotype with juvenile digs, novice expectations and flat humour.

If people want to take a baseball bat or knife to something, do it well. Don't half ass it under guise or pretense. Be honest in it and with craft… and honest to god, be a little less to defensive about it too. Wow.
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