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August 31st, 2007, 00:29
I find the criticisms so far stated for this game to be very weak actually. I played FO1 and FO2 for years with all sorts of different character combos and loved it. What I liked best about the game was the concept, the feeling, and the universe that was created - not the graphics, or the combat system. And I personally don't feel that Bethesda has dropped the ball on this account. The NMA article criticizes Bethesda for not being innovative enough in their approach… what do they want in the way of innovation? Because I am sure that if Bethesda came at this project from an approach that differed radically from the core elements of the originals the NMA criticism would be that it doesn't adhere to the "core principles" of the series - damned if you do, damned if you don't. The other piece of concern from the NMA article regards the final analysis by BrotherNone that states, "Fallout 3 looks like a well-produced, very pretty, very fun game that'll provide quite a few people with a lot of hours of enjoyment. However, I don't think it's anything more than a very pretty and fun game." How is that a bad thing? It's like the NMA article authors need a life-changing event in their gaming… shouldn't a game really be for fun?




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