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August 31st, 2007, 02:25
Played the demo for a bit. It's hard to think of it as really a game, just some stripped down parts of strat and rpg formulas, assembled in a kind of mini-game format. I know I griped about not getting a tutorial w/the Two Worlds demo; not to be harsh, but this is a game that has one but doesn't need one, and certainly not one dripping with sarcasm. The attempt to be oh so funny during the intro kind of falls flat.

It has a few chuckles here and there, though.

The " game" seems to be sort of a series of duels where you click your way to victory against advancing waves of monsters, defeat them, rinse and repeat.

Maybe fun for a time filler at work, etc. there's some strategy involved, I'm sure, but being interrupted every five seconds and reminded to buy the full version made me less than eager to explore all the possibilities, if any.
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