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August 31st, 2007, 04:12
Originally Posted by Dhruin View Post
I'm pretty comfortable with covering SS2 as either an action/RPG or an FPS with significant RPG elements and Bioshock was lauded as a "spiritual successor". I still haven't decided whether they satisfactorily fulfilled that or not.
Yeah, I agree in regard to System Shock 2, that's definitely RPGish enough to be covered. And I'd always give "spiritual successors" the benefit of the doubt. From what I've heard, Heroes of Might and Magic wasn't really much of an RPG either, was it? But Arkane gave us Arx Fatalis, and that definitely was, plus the classic Might & Magic are as much "RPG" as it can get. So, everything is fine. It's nice to have titles covered that are, say, spin-offs from certain well-known RPGs.

As for BioShock, does it provide different paths, possibly even non-violent ones? That's what I liked best about SS2, which had Marine (guns), Psionic (psi) and Hacker or somesuch, if I recall correctly. Or how does BioShock compare to DeusEx? That one was also nicely RPGish in my opinion.

(Haven't played BioShock myself yet, need a system upgrade.)
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