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August 31st, 2007, 15:32
Good work and great job.

Pete Hines
"The problem is however that they've had years to think about what they wanted and create a view of what Fallout 3 should be that could never be possible today. They're still stuck 8 years back in their views of Fallout 3. It simply wouldn't work."

How absurdist can you get, wouldn't it be funny to see someone actually try and defend this crap.

Secondly reguarding potientially damaging other small sites;
This would kill any chance bethseda had to dominated the media, if they were that dumb, word would spread like wildfire.

They would be adding to the number of sites that would be willing to print negitive comments about them and reenforcing the current internet wide oppinion that the big game sites that laugh on cue and grab their ankles for an early chance to preview/review while constantly making sucking, gurgling and slurping sounds can't/won't print a real review.
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