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September 1st, 2007, 14:32
Originally Posted by Sir Markus View Post
The reason Oblivion was so lame was because Bethesda made the UI more tuned to the XBox.
Disagree. It didn't scale particularly well at the higher PC resolutions but it was far from a game breaker in my opinion. You didn't really spend a lot of time using the interface anyway and when you had to scroll through stuff then it was at least very fast and you could just just zap through it basically thanks to excellent mouse wheel support (if it would have been a really bad console port then the mouse wheel wouldn't even have worked as is the case in many other poorly ported games that are suffering from real consolitis). This single issue has been blown way out of proportion by some people IMHO. I'd say that the sledgehammer level scaling of loot and enemies was far more tilting Oblivion towards the "lame" spectrum than the unoptimized UI though -overall- I still wouldn't call Oblivion a lame game. Had tons of fun with it actually and I'm looking forward to the Game of the Year edition (released next month) since I haven't played any of the expansions yet.
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