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September 1st, 2007, 17:02
7.5 seems fair, 1/5 is insane - it's not nearly that bad!

"Two Worlds drops you in the middle of nowhere, without any instructions, and expects you to survive. This is a hardcore RPG that will turn away beginners within minutes of starting a new game."

This guy cannot have been paying much attention to the game when he played it. The quote is simply wrong! The game starts, you get a main quest, the location you have to go to next in this quest is marked on your map… there is actually a good deal of hand-holding in this game! Often you'll get a quest, and from the description it sounds like you'll have to search for the location - but a small dot on the map always guides you directly to where you need to go. I wonder what this guy would say about Gothic 2's quests if he finds Two Worlds to be a hardcore rpg
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