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September 1st, 2007, 19:18
I haven't read all those stupid reviews, only the high-lighted quotes, but I played/is playing the game, so I can give you some info:

- skill-based
- graphics is nice (but I usually don't care about that)
- interesting alchemy
- armours/weapons are stackable, increasing their stats
- main character and some npcs have nice bloatings
- factions have opposite interests
- main quest is interesting, side-quests are okay, with only small amount of fedexing
- enemy npcs use their skills quite well (being stunned a couple of times by those orc archers)

- heavily main quest driven:
- you can only play with one character, who can only be man
- cannot interact with the orcs (they aren't in the faction list!), you have to kill them all! (or maybe I'm missing something)
- some overpowered spells
- too much loot and alchemical ingredients (possibly changed in v1.5)
- level-scaling! (stupid bandits are full of high set number armours, possibly changed in v1.5, but I'm using v1.4)

Overall, I think it is much better than Oblivion, but the RPG-level is still not entirely sufficient.

That's all that comes to my mind right now.
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