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September 2nd, 2007, 00:07
Alrik, could you explain a little the system of the Virtues? I've never played the Ultimas and I only get a general idea from your post.

Any game that puts an emphasis on ethics is rare. There's a lot of talk about "choices' in games, but even in games that have them I agree that they don't usually play out as choices between right and wrong so much as what is most expedient, how do I get the most experience/loot and advance the fastest, etc.

Killing is definitely over used and often just a repetitive means to an end. Combat is fun when it's strategic and requires thought, as in chess or a difficult puzzle. But in RPG's there should be many more ways of getting to the end of the game, and I'm not averse to the idea of them making me think a little bit about moral choices. I'd like to see more games do this.
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