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September 2nd, 2007, 02:04
I think that system is 'dead' for multiple reasons. A simple response would be that it must require a lot of coding just to create a really effective system of virtues. Another is that since most new RPGs are trying to make multiple factions available with different ideologies, the virtues should change depending on which faction you join. If let's say you join the Paladins, then those virtues remain unchanged. But if you join Pirates in a game, their perception of ethics and morality are completely different. Games like KOTOR and a lot of other games even have completely evil sides, so it should even go both ways, having vices as well (which would help the ones who join the evil factions). This adds even more work to the developers and I believe that they think it's not worth that much work to add these very nice features.

I hope I made myself clear, I'm a bit tired at the moment.
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