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November 1st, 2006, 19:31
@Jaz: damn, you're good, you saw right through me and my avatar….. I can't believe you blew my cover! Now you don't go around telling on Superman too do you? I don't deny that I have a saving-people impulse, that goes a bit with the territory of my profession. No suit with a big "P" on it in my closet though. But I'm stumped how you knew I was having pizza tonight? Only it's being delivered and not brought home from the cafetaria…..

The irony is that I'm not even into psychoanalysis, I like my psychology to be scientific and about brain-behaviour relationships and not about a misogynist and sexually frustrated view of human nature and subconsciousness. But it's a fun game to impersonate a nasty Freudian

@Corwin: What are you hiding? I distrust men with a lot of facial hair, they hide secrets and don't want you to see the all-knowing smirk on their face.
I associate the name Corwin instantly with Zelazny's world of Amber. But I don't recognize the avatar? What's the story?

I played a pnp rpg based on Amber once, that was awesome fun. I don't know if any of you played this before or even know the books but everybody in the game is one of the princes(ses) of Amber, a city-state that is the actual centre of the known universe with Earth being only one of an endless number of possible realities. The fact that you are of royal blood means that you can command whole army's with your pinkie, travel through spacetime and parallell universes by a kind of warping skill that allows you at the same time to change reality to suit your needs, fight with insane skills and cheat disease and death. In short, you are god. But the other players are too! Goal is to claim the throne and become king in the place of your mysteriously misplaced and possibly very dead father. You wouldn't believe the conspiracies, backstabbing and utter chaos that ensue when the battle begins!
Well enough rambling from me, my pizza is gettin' cold
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