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September 2nd, 2007, 17:00
Originally Posted by Sir Markus View Post
I also don't think there is any scaling going on; and if there is, it's hardly noticeable. It's pretty easy to get killed if you're sniffing around an area you're not ready for. It's not hardcore like, say, Wizardry 8, but it's definitely more difficult and involved than Oblivion. Overall this is one of the best action/CRPG's in quite a while, IMO.
Actually, you are right. It's my mistake.
The NPC do not scale. It took me about two minutes to kill a black bear in the beginning, at the end it went down to one or two necro power shot.

However, the equipment is scaled. Depending on your level, you will see different armours and weapons. But I guess that is fine, it happens in most games.
The strange thing is that the bandits equipment goes with that too, and if you contrast it with Oblivion, you might end up with thinking that there is a level-scale for the npc as well.

This equipment scaling, however, is well documented at their web-site.

I've just finished the game yesterday, and the end was kinda disappointing.
I would have expected some nice cut-scene, but after finishing the bad guy (or the good ones), you are just sent to the main menu.
There are some other major turns in the game where I would have expected some cut-scenes, but no, I was just left with an empty feeling, and a note or conversation that something happened. Too sad.

I still consider this game better than Oblivion, but not in the ranks of PS:T or even VtM:Bl.
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