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September 2nd, 2007, 22:17
Originally Posted by KasperFauerby View Post
7.5 seems fair, 1/5 is insane - it's not nearly that bad!

"Two Worlds drops you in the middle of nowhere, without any instructions, and expects you to survive. This is a hardcore RPG that will turn away beginners within minutes of starting a new game."

This guy cannot have been paying much attention to the game when he played it. The quote is simply wrong! The game starts, you get a main quest, the location you have to go to next in this quest is marked on your map… there is actually a good deal of hand-holding in this game! Often you'll get a quest, and from the description it sounds like you'll have to search for the location - but a small dot on the map always guides you directly to where you need to go. I wonder what this guy would say about Gothic 2's quests if he finds Two Worlds to be a hardcore rpg
Yes, there is a lot of handholding in this game, if you let the game hold your hand that If you hit the L button on your keyboard, you get access to your Logbook. You can then uncheck the checkmarks next to the quests, locations, and cities boxes. Unlike Oblivion, you can turn the handholding OFF.
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