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September 3rd, 2007, 00:23
Total Annihilation: Kingdoms as well as Ultima 8 could be mentioned. I think TA:K wasn't really that bad though its just that it just lacked comapred to what TA fans were expecting; starting with yet another fantasy setting.

Icewind Dale: Heart of Winter is officially an expansion pack so that wouldn't count. What about Lode Runner 2? 3D just doesn't make the Lode Runner franchise. Might and Magic IX is still the only game I've ever returned (because I could). I heard 8 wasn't so great either.

Funny about Super Mario 2 though. A lot of kids today don't know Mario started off in Donkey Kong and they don't know that he had the hots for Peaches before he met this gross mushroom cross species thing. Here Peaches is elevated to being a Princess. Perhaps they were trying to merge the two characters.
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