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September 3rd, 2007, 01:17
WTH? Kotor II as one of the worst sequels? Really, some journalists, when they dont know what to write, wring something like a top 10 whatever out of their sleves, and the result is poor and uninteresting. Why anyone should be insterested in purely subjective and personal Top 10 lists is beyond me. I found Kotor 2 a great game. Sure, the end was lame, but it didnt mean the rest is all bad. I thought it was quite fun, and Kreia was one of the most memorable game characters I have seen. But thats all personal opinion, as such top 10s. It would fit in a personal blog but in an online mag is totally pointless.

On MY top 10 there would DEFINITELY be Ultima 8 and 9, especially since I was such a great Ultima fan. Or Might and Magic 9.
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