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September 3rd, 2007, 17:53
Originally Posted by aries100 View Post
I would like to Manhunt 2 being released with some sort of virtue system and a system that actually rewards for not killing people…but that's probably just wishful thinking.
Yes, that would be most interesting, imho. But on the other hand it won't ever be released, because - deducing from the design decisions apparent in most games of today - most game designers and marketing experts don't believe in this - or at least don't believe that this would generate/increase sales.

Which means that the people who designed the game - I tend to put both the "designers" plus the marketing into a team because imho both groups have the most influence towards designing a game - consider this ethical reasoning as "not important" in their aimed group of buyers/customers - otherwise they would include it, imho.

Which says a LOT about the point of view they have (the "Menschenbild") about their aimed customers.

Over there at the Larian forum there was once indeed a similar question: Lar wanted to know about similar "ethical questions" like you mentioned about Mass Effect.
It's here: Moral dilemma's in C-RPGs

By the way, my initial thought from the first post included a system - which I believe can be developed to some extend - to re-deduce the "system" standing behind design decisions for every game - and thus making it kind of a tool for a gaming database and especially for rating a game. I think if we could develop this far enough, we could be able to develop a set of "questions" which mich directly lead us - like in my complex example from above - into the design decisions and from then into the thought patterns and what I'd call in German language the "Menschenbild" behind this. (A "Menschenbild" is sort o how you think humans are made of - including their behaviour, ethics, reasoning, and thought patterns. A Menschenbild gone bad results in prejudice, for example ("all Dwarves are tunnel diggers not washing themselves *ever* and eating nothing but mushrooms") . )
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