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September 3rd, 2007, 18:26
Originally Posted by Sir_Brennus View Post
That's an easy one:

Abandoned Places 2 - Not radically different, but drastically improved. Shame it never was ported to DOS.

Ambermoon - (sequel to Amberstar) Better grafics, better GUI, better story. Shame the DOS port never was released.

Weired Wars - (sequel to Another War) still not great, but vastly improved

Ancient Evil - (sequel to Trial by Magic) better grafics and streamlined GUI

Baldur's Gate 2 - as mentioned before

Bard's Tale 3 - best of the series (the PC version sucked, though)

Daggerfall - (sequel to Arena) bigger, better, more bug free

Demon's Winter - (sequel to Shard of Spring) better story, better quests

Diablo 2 - even if not as much better as most people say, it very much more diversive

Dungeon Siege 2 - now comes including a GAME!

Eye of the Beholder 2 - better GUI, better grafics and END SEQUENCE!!!

Ishar 3 - I think it sucks, but is considered the best game of the Arborea saga

Megatraveller 2 - less complicated, less ugly

Might & Magic V - peak of the old series

Might & Magic VII - peak of the new series

Phantasie III - even improved over pt. 2 that never surfaced for the PC

Rage of Mages 2 - nearly idential, but more diversive.

Questron 2 - does it count, if the prequel was not released on PC?

Pools of Darkness - not better than Pool of Radiance, but better than the rest of the series

System Shock 2 - very different from pt. 1, but considered to be superior

Ultima 7 - tops everything from the first to trilogies

Windwalker - (sequel to Moebius) a little bit more polish

Wizardry 7 - speaks for itself

I am unsure about Wiz8 and the Realms of Arkanias.
Oh YES, I SO agree with that!

We really should more focus on the positive than do so much "bashing top tens".
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