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September 4th, 2007, 07:14
Acleacius wrote:

…There is no way I am spending 20+ hours, many cases much more as in the Witcher looking at some guy's butt, if I have a choice in the matter, since I prefer third person perspective, atm.
Ace, I'm thinking I totally understand where you're coming from. I think we had this conversation a long time ago in another thread( about romance in games, when I said you were scaring me ) However, as I said, Geralt is helping me adjust to the idea. I don't think I'll mind spending those 20-40+hours the way you describe, but I can see how you might.

I have heard all the positions (afaik) about why devs can't give the option of gender choices and they are all lame and full of crap, i.e. mostly self-justifications.
Since the Witcher doesn't offer a choice, it's defiantly not a positive sign of the game.
In most games, I agree. In this game, though, I think it's only logical, since they are basing it on the novels, that the player character has to not only be a guy, but a particular guy (the Witcher.)

I can't see how they could work a female character in except as an NPC. It's more positive IMO that they are trying to stick to the story the way Sapkowski wrote it, since that's what the game's about. And there are some fringe benefits for us females.
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