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September 4th, 2007, 17:08
I think part of my problem with a lot of male avatars is what C.U. mentioned, the Cro Magnon cave man look. You want your character to be able to grasp simple concepts like thrust and parry and only pick up the good loot--some of these male models look like crossing the street is too much of an intellectual challenge. It's a minor aspect of a game, though, not a gamebreaker for me.

I had no problem playing the male character in Gothic and relating to an all male world because it was believable and done well. Same with playing The Nameless One--it was his story, and I can't imagine playing it as anyone else. And that's the feeling I get from The Witcher. Geralt has a backstory through the novels and it would be important to see the world through his eyes. Not that a female couldn't be a witcher, but I think it would make the game far more generic feeling if they took Geralt out of it.
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