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September 4th, 2007, 21:58
TTH: So what is there to do in Tabula Rasa besides kill stuff?

You can use transporters to move to things to kill, and you can chat about the things you kill or you can just go kill stuff, what's not to interest you here?


And this coming from the man who created UO, the first true 'sandbox' world, without levels, with every world item 'droppable, or placeable', open housing if you could find clear land, real crafts based on real world raw material gathering, etc, etc..
Hey! I have an idea, lets make an MMO where you just shoot stuff! or.. if you're bored, you can shoot each other?!!
I"m so bored with the current crop of MMO's and the future is looking like a whole lot of the same old boring crap.
Sorry for the rant, but good grief!
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