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September 6th, 2007, 11:29
Here is a thread for Summoner since I just found out, THO has finally taken down the Summoner page, so all links and files are lost.

I had a hell of a time finding the less common files they had linked, was able to find a site that currently is listing the most extensive downloads.

One of the most difficult to find and this maybe the only place left was the Single player Mod, which fixes text errors and makes balancing changes like making Long Swords 1 handed, here is the read me.


- Much more interesting and detailed item descriptions (where possible)
- A greater variety of items available for sale in shops, in all the towns and cities of the game. You can now buy
reasonably decent weapons and armour earlier on, and some interesting magic items, providing you've got the money!
- Tweaked item costs, armour protection, weapon damage/speed, damage types, etc, for improved balance.
- Plate armour and Orenian Bougou-Dou armour gives much more protection, to compensate for the fact that you can't wear leg armour with it
(previously, chainmail armour and chainmail leggings together provided more protection than any suit plate armour, despite being much cheaper)
- Longswords and maces are now one-handed and can be used with a shield. All katanas, battleaxes and claymore-type swords are now 2-handed.
- Magic items can only be worn by characters with the skills that they affect. E.g only Flece can wear the Thief's Torque, only Joseph and Rosalind
can wear the Elemental Necklace, and only Joseph can wear rings of summoning.
- New or modified textures for some items, such as spell scrolls and unique weapons (like the Fiery Falchion and Logaros Longsword).
for all unique weapons
- Most enemies have a much larger detection radius (if they can see you).
- Tweaked resistances and weaknesses for some enemies (e.g elemental creatures like Fire Imps are always immune to or healed by their element and vulnerable
to their opposite, and golems and skeletons are vulnerable to blunt weapons and resistant/immune to piercing).
- Enemies now drop "loot" such as weapons slightly more often, and drop a greater variety of items in some cases.
- Enabled a few previously "monster-only" weapons such as the Bone Sword, Kothudin Lance and Bacite Staff. They now have
descriptions, proper costs (i.e not 20gp) and slightly tweaked damage/speed for balancing purposes. They can be bought from
some merchants or picked up from the enemies that carry them (e.g Bone Servants and Bacite Shamans)
- Fixed a few minor typos/bugs with item names in shops.

New Mod Links
Ok here is the original mod

This one is my edited version, which returns the Range of View to default. The unedited version of the mod increases the Range of View causing you to get swarmed. It can sometimes cause half the map of monsters to attack at once, depending on the map size.

Here's the Steam link in case there are issues, someone is hosting it on MediaFire.

And of course songs like So long, Wolong.
Site dead, looking for a new link to the songs
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