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September 7th, 2007, 07:03
Corwin, I still haven't found anything yet on this but if your intrested I do have a Save Game Editor for v1.03 link, which will work sort-of work with v1.4.
It's about half way down the page at this nice French trainer site.

One thing though since most people like the story to some degree or another skipping the first part would casue you to miss much of the story setup.


" I hated it, didn’t get too far in it though, and don’t really remember…."
Well the game had a lot going for it, it was the first US RPG ever to debut on the PS2, the story was very original (at least in the game industry) and it had an innovative combat system, which was based on twitch but if it was uncomfortable had an Auto Chaining system built-in.
The Auto Chaining system in no way degraded the game, as a matter of fact it had the opposite effect in that it allow more people to enjoy the game, due to including a basic choice manual or auto.
This combat model was so good, in the sense of offering a choice, it has even be brought up recently as a possible solution to the RPG games like The Witcher, which is heavily combat orinated, as away of allowing those people not interested in twitch based combat an option.
It is a huge game and I am guessing you could easily put in 40 + hours if you do all the side quest, that being said it's easy to get overwhelmed with running around, as Gorath mentioned.

As an example without giving spoilers, there are specialized pieces of wearable equipment items which are optional but they are very valuable and well worth the time adventuring for them, imo.
However there is a random generation of maps for Random Encounters necessary to find these items, though this isn't important until at least 20+ hours into the game.
So if you think you would be frustrated with that kind of randomness then, I would suggest looking at a walkthrough to find the item's map location and saving your game before entering the World Map where Random Encounters occur.
This way if you need to find a Night-time version of a Mountainous region or a Day-time Forest you can at least be more focused.

Alrik Fassbauer
"I really, really liked the idea of the sequel, then. Since I don't own consoles, I've never played the sequel so far."
Yes, it was very frustrating, even though I have heard the sequel was a disappointment ( the reason it wasn't ported, afaik) I would have still bought it out of interested in the franchise.

Not sure if many know about Drakan since it was an Action game but it suffered the same fate, it was very well received by PC gamers.
Surreal turned around and made a poorly received sequel on the console without the least consideration of a port for the PC.
Mostly I am guessing it was the publisher’s decision but the idea that some Devs won't/can't stand up for a minimum port in their contracts is very annoying and damaging to the industry.
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