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September 7th, 2007, 20:23
Originally Posted by xSamhainx View Post
ive seen that Contagium on the shelf but never rented it, reliable sources have warned me to stay away from it, so I left it alone for the time being. Plus, I was kinda offput by the false advertising of "Day of the Dead II", it would be like seeing a film on the shelf called "Evil Dead IV: The Last Stand" or something which had nothing to do with Raimi, Ash, et al. I almost wouldnt rent it on principle alone, it's just an underhanded and disrespectful thing to do. Then again, the whole Zombi/Zombi II situation with the aforementioned Fulci zombie flick almost mirrors the situation, but it wasnt done here in the US and it's just different. It just is.

Perhaps I'll give it a looksee if I see it on the shelf after all, thanks for your report, Commander Narpet.
Before you get it I want to make sure that I'm not leading you astray The movie is truly bad… but you have to remember that I enjoy bad movies. Most people give it a score of about 1/10… but I would give it a solid 6/10. I think most people are turned off by the first part of the movie (kind of like the prelude) which is REALLY bad. So, many viewers probably just stop watching before the movie gets going. Once the plot starts to kick in I think it has a nice take on the whole "zombie" thing… it strays slightly from the "your instantly a zombie and now you want to eat humans" formula, which I think can put some zombie lovers off.

I have to admit that I actually own the DVD and I have watched it several times. So it's good (or bad) enough to keep my interest more than once…
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