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September 8th, 2007, 01:40
Originally Posted by Moriendor View Post
Why? The "Games for Windows" program does have quite a few benefits.

Like (copied from Wikipedia)…
  • An "Easy Install" option that installs the title on your PC in the fewest possible steps and mouse clicks
  • Compatibility with the Windows Vista Games Explorer (see below)
  • Compatibility with the Xbox 360 controller (where applicable)
  • Installs and runs properly on x64 versions of Windows Vista and is compatible with 64-bit processors (though the game itself can be 32-bit)
  • Supports normal and widescreen resolutions, such as 4:3 aspect ratio (800 x 600, 1024 x 768), 16:9 aspect ratio (1280 x 720), and 16:10 aspect ratio (1152 x 720, 1280 x 800)
  • Launching from Media Center (Windows Vista Home Premium and Windows Vista Ultimate have Media Center)
What's wrong with that? I quite welcome such quality standards to be honest (whether they are met 100% might be a different story but the mere attempt to bring more quality to PC gaming deserves credit in my opinion).
You are being sarcastic, right? But in case of the scenario that you are not, then see below:

The "Games for Windows" program is in my opinion an attempt from Micrsoft's side to gain control of the PC gaming market and integrating their Xbox platform with PC gaming so that they strengthen their market position towards the other console developers. That is in my mind not fair competition.
The "Games for Windows" program also serves marketing purposes for Microsoft. To gain the benefits of the program you need to have Vista so it is clearly a strategical maneuvre to boost Vista sales.
And not one single of the features you listed is anything ground-breaking in any way. They just don't suffice to warrant having the program.

And yes, the aesthetical part of the "Games for Windows" program is horrid. That alone is sufficient for me to not want "Games for Windows". "Games for Windows" is actually fine by me as long as they don't have that logo on the cover. That bloody logo.
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