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September 8th, 2007, 07:31
My favorite character was the gramma, she was great~!

Professor Pladio, I am very hesitant to enter into my meticulously compiled and pondered over research the data from a video game. If you can present some sort of evidence that this Wesnoth conflict was indeed a re-enactment of real world events, I will consider it. Until then, I will stand with my theory that there has been no known case of humanoid to non-humanoid transmission of zombification.

Thus, after much thought and consultation with my fellow researchrs I have come to the conclusion that no, the shark documented in "Zombie" that suffered direct trauma from a particularly fiesty aquatic variant of the undead species would not undergo zombification.

Dementia 13 is on TCM tonight!! Going to try an lure my friend Kasey over w/ some homemade california rolls. Tho I'm not as quick as that dude, and I use a sprinkling of sesame seeds instead of masago (fish eggs)='.'=
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