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September 9th, 2007, 02:12
@ Asbjoern: I'm not quite sure it makes sense to really go in-depth on a discussion about Microsoft with a "Microsoft is big and eeevvuuuuhhhhllll" hater because it's unlikely I'll change your mind (not that I really want to anyway ) so I'll just say this…

Originally Posted by Asbjoern View Post
You are being sarcastic, right?
Nope .

The "Games for Windows" program is in my opinion an attempt from Micrsoft's side to gain control of the PC gaming market and integrating their Xbox platform with PC gaming so that they strengthen their market position towards the other console developers. That is in my mind not fair competition.
I think you might be partially confusing "Games for Windows" with the "Windows Live" service here. Those are two separate pairs of shoes.
Also, I don't see at all how it is "not fair" towards the other console devs. It's not really Microsoft's fault that Sony and Nintendo do not have or make gaming capable operating systems for the PC.

Finally, let's face it. The very last thing that PC gaming needs is any sort of fragmentation or a war among the prominent PC parties (MS, Apple, Linux derivatives) over the gaming side of things. The death of PC gaming is an often discussed no-issue but it might actually turn into a real issue if any such fragmentation should occur.

I think a lot of people just don't realize how good we actually got it. Windows can be bought at a very fair price compared to the time you'll be using the OS. The system (ever since 2K/XP) is extremely stable and reliable on its own. If there wouldn't be companies such as *cough* Creative *cough* who can't code drivers for shit it would be so stable that it would be bordering on scary. Almost all games are getting a Windows release thanks to MS dominance in the market. Can you even begin to imagine the nightmare that would ensue if we had three companies/factions competing over the already hurting PC gaming market? We'd have Apple-exclusive, Linux-exclusive and Windows-exclusive games then. In addition to console exclusives. Gaming would be spread out across so many platforms it wouldn't even be funny. And I don't think I need to mention what this would mean for the quality of most games, right?

In all seriousness… anyone who is a PC gamer (and I'm strictly only speaking about gaming here) should install a shrine with a pic of Bill Gates in their room and thank him by praying in the direction of Redmond, WA five times a day . It could all be A LOT worse. And I mean a helluva lot worse.

We're living in a nearly ideal PC gaming world where you just fire up your PC and play almost like you would do with a console but with a lot more flexibility. Vista and Games for Windows is getting us closer to the goal of complete hassle-free gaming. That's a good thing in my opinion. It will strengthen the position of PC gaming and make the PC a more attractive target platform for publishers.

The "Games for Windows" program also serves marketing purposes for Microsoft. To gain the benefits of the program you need to have Vista so it is clearly a strategical maneuvre to boost Vista sales.
And that's a bad thing? How? Why? Just because MS is big and eevuuuhhllll and cuz Vista is teh d3v!L? Please…

And not one single of the features you listed is anything ground-breaking in any way. They just don't suffice to warrant having the program.
Of course it isn't ground-breaking but it is a commendable effort to keep the "crap" out by setting certain minimum standards for "Games for Windows" games (yes, I am aware that it doesn't work in all cases and with all games… that's why I said "attempt" in my first post and why I'm saying "effort" now).
But… sure. Feel free to boycot "Games for Windows". It's your right as a consumer to vote with your wallet. No problem at all. I was just trying to point out the clear advantages. That's all.
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