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Default New Gothic texture patch by ThielHater

September 12th, 2007, 01:37
I am referring to, requiring the Multifunction key, as gaboru93 mentions, of course.
Why would someone want to remove Console game functionally out of a PC game?
Well cause it sucks.



Not to mention that PB themselves recognized that offering a choice for players to control the game was the correct method.

Allowing choice does Not mean eliminating how You choose to play the game but makes it More accessible to others.
Additionally, the game would become much more fluid and less mechanical as well allowing it to be more immersive.

Hell, I am still hoping one day someone will save G2 and make a Bluesky patch or even natural conditions for the OW as in all other levels of the game.

Does this mean everyone would have to use it, nope.
Yet for those who find the persistent Grey skies boring, dull, and detracting from the visual beauty and believability (i.e. immersiveness) of PB's work in the OW, it would be fantastic.

Jakendar had more reason to have grey skies at least temporarily than OW, though as the OW it too would have cleared once the evil was banished, if your premise for the Grey skies is the presence of the evil.
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