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September 12th, 2007, 04:24
curiously undead
I have to agree the grey is reasonable for awhile if you attribute it to the destruction or the evil (brought up before in the past threads) but after weeks of time wind weather and rain would change this.
Technically I could be handled when you return in Chap 5 skies could be clearing, which could be weeks in game time depending on how you do your side quest.

Like I said though my idea isn't to force others to have a better looking game, after all this time I get the whole cloudy sky thing and I am tired of it, we spend hours in the OW.
I can't think of another quality game (or any game) that forces perpetually unexplained, unrealistic and mood breaking grey skies in a level for the duration of a game much less a 60 hour game, depending on play styles.

Well I didn't originally know this either and just attributed it to old style keyboard only days of the 90s, also.
Then in a post (within the last year, iirc) Gorath posted that info saying something along the lines it was originally intended or developed for consoles.
I could be remembering incorrectly but either way using the Multifunction keys is still a bad idea for fluid gameplay.

No not at all, don't feel alone, lots of people feel that way.

I have been asking about setting up the mouse for along time, so have others, most of us sadly seem not to speak German (source and tools are in German iirc) and many don’t know how to program it.

I have even asked in the German forums where Bluesky was made, for G2 but they didn’t seem interested in the idea, so maybe it’s the same for the keys.

Maybe some people find the games great due to the control system, I find it great for all the advances PB made in the genre like immersive story, character depth, fun combat (err except for the lack of user customization which sucks ), amazing geo-architecture and world effecting gameplay.

So to me it comes down to great if you like the controls and if you didn't like them and I had the ability to change them, I would just to help make the game more accessable to more people.

Sadly, it seems anyone whom could help fix the game, is to busy or not intrested.

I have tried to get Wesp (Unofficial Bloodlines patches) intrested in Gothic series so maybe he could fix these things but he does not like 3rd person only games and I don't know if he has programed in this programming language but since he is German he has the language skillz.
Trust me, most of the names I have been called you can't translate in any language…they're not even real words as much as a succession of violent images.
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