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September 13th, 2007, 06:17
Configurable mouse is just the ability to set the mouse buttons for your personal play style which 90%+ games seem to support but afaik Gothic does not, so since you seem to have a differnet version, I wondered if you were able to set the mouse as well.

Ok, just checked that info and seems the Left Mouse is also used as a Multi-Function Key, at least in the UK version.
It still requires 2 Functions to achieve an action. i.e. LeftClick-W to pick up items, talk or attack.

So the US version sounds like it has removed the Multi-Function Console issues, gratz on the find, JDR13.

Wonder if the current version PB is selling from their site has the same US release update or if PB will release this as a patch, for current owners?

In my 1.08k version and pre-patched j(?) verision there is a Selectable function called "Alternitive Setting" which maps the standard w,s,a,d settings and of course the "Default Setting"
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