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September 13th, 2007, 09:10
Not sure "fault" is the right word but maybe short sided and defianlty a mistake.

I can't recall much if any dialogue would need to be changed, got an example?
It's not like they have to have romance options, doesn't seem necessary.

I like the back an forth movement, too.
Are saying it would not work unless you press an extra key first, that would be hard to believe, since timing would be smoother with less functions.

It would be like saying moving in a robitc fashion is more efficent, i.e. bending over to pick something up, first you bend at the wasit 90 degrees, then bend your knees in a complete secondary movment before picking something up, instead of a more fluid muscular movements.

Unless I am misunderstanding.

Remember I am not trying to tell yoiu how you like to play, I am just defending choice.
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