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September 13th, 2007, 19:04
This is from the description of patch 1.5, which is the version released in the US (shortened):

MORE and more intelligent LEVEL SCALING! Bandits, for instant, will almost always be scaled to your level, and their loot will grow even faster than yours - so beware of those thieving scoundrels, they can crush you quite easily! At the same time, cyclopes and ogers are almost always tougher and more experienced than you… On the other hand, low-level enemies are easier to kill, making early levels much more balanced. Also, Level scaling and loot scaling is affected by Game Difficulty! It makes sense to play "Hard" now!

This is NOT level scaling as in Oblivion. There are LIMITS to scaling. Some monsters scale up to you only to offer challenge in the beginning, then they stop. Sentient beings have randomized loot, but mostly scaled to you - to offer something USEFUL at any level. This is AS WELL capped, so at some point you WILL one-hit kill those sentients. The big creatures are scaled to offer great challenge - they SURPASS your level usually, but ALSO HAVE A CAP! In essence, those are LEVEL RANGES, not Oblivion-type scaling.

In singleplayer, level of being is ruled by a lot of factors:
  • The main of those is LOCATION. The volcanic regions have very tough enemies, the midlands offer very moderate challenges, BUT at the same time, some sentients will TRY to overlap/equal your level/power (and fail if you are beyond their range). Also, even near the starting point, you will encounter incredibly strong creatures - which will be EASIER to defeat once you grow out of their range.
  • The second one is TYPE of being. Big creatures will have a very long level range, to accomodate player - and will be scaled BEYOND player at - again - certain level range. The fauna, on the other hand, will stop advancing past level 15-20. They will be pesky zero-damage one-hit critters for a 50 level player, and incredible challenge for a 5 level player.
  • The third one is level of player.
This is just 1/3 of all the reqs.
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