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September 16th, 2007, 01:21
Every game Bethesda has done has been about potential as opposed to realised potential. I've seen or heard nothing about Fallout 3 that would make me think otherwise.

Furthermore, ever since Morrowind, they've been focused on designing their games around their perception of what the typical console audience desires, which for a hardcore PC gamer such as myself, is not good.

So, I'd have to say the closest option is "not impressed…."

Fallout was the quintessential PC RPG, and as such, I have a very hard time appreciating Bethesda at the helm of the second sequel. It's like putting an X-Com sequel in the hands of Lionhead Studios or something. I can just imagine Molyneux: " button tactical combat! People don't like pressing their mouse buttons, so we make them apply only half the pressure this time around so they last twice as long before putting the game down."

Yeah, those guys know all about game design, or they wouldn't have sold millions of copies.




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