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November 2nd, 2006, 12:23
I never liked the idea of MMORPGs, or paying monthly just to play a game. Yet I find it harder and harder to get good, substantial, Single Player RPGs.A few months ago I picked up Guild Wars on the advice of a friend, and despite my initial misgivings, I really enjoyed the game.
However, my problem with Guild Wars is two-fold, although both kind of coming down to the same thing. First of all, I am the kind of RPGer who measures her succes by the advancement my character has made. I love gaining levels, finding better armor, weapons and so on. In Guild Wars the level is capped at 20, which you can reach within hours when playing Factions, and you then also immediately gain the highest level armor. There are more expensive armors, but that it all looks, they aren't any better.
My second problem, is that I am a mediocre player. I like playing games, but I'm not very good at them. Single player games I quite often finish on the easiest level setting. In Guild Wars I got past this by making sure I was a level or two levels higher then I was supposed to be a missions, but after level 20, that is impossible. If I have a hard time fighting a level 26 creature, I can't just gain another level (and/or better gear) and come back.
So as you can see, it both comes down to the levelcap

I've tried some free MMORPG (mainly Flyff) and really liked the freedom of them. I like the casual social interaction (I am on at awkward times and can't always commit myself) so being able to find other players to team up with and disband once I need to go, without leaving my party halfway through a mission, is great.

I found I like:
Soloing and occasionally grouping
Doing lots of quests
Being part of a storyline
Auction house/ Private shop where I can set up my stuff and just go AFK while my character sells
Forms of fast travel

I dislike:
Grinding (don't mind kill 'X creatures for me' kind of quests though)
4 or 5 hour long missions that I have to do with other people
low levelcaps
Trading directly with other players (IE standing somewhere spamming WTS)
Harsh death penalties

I would be interrested in:
Some form of mount or other owned transportation
Player housing
Lots of races and character customisabilty

I've been looking into both WoW and EQ2, both seem fun, both have different advantages and disadvantages. I played the EQ2 trial, but it only let me go up to level 6, and was only on a starter island. I liked it, but it didn't give me enough info to really make a decision. I don't have a credit card, so I'll be depended on Pay-as-you-go cards. So I can't try out WoW unless I buy such a card. With my limited budget, I was hoping on some advise before I pick up one or the other.

So, if anybody is still reading after my essay, what game do you think would suit my gaming style better?
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